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"Sometimes I wake up and I’m like wow, I can’t believe my money is just sitting there and it’s made more money than banks have ever paid me. So this has 10x, 100x my idea of my money working for me now."
Peter Hatch
"If I were putting coins into these things and not really understanding it, I would just be gambling. Now I feel like I have a lot more power and ability to be successful because of that knowledge.”
Henry Wintz
“It does teach you to create passive income but furthermore it teaches you how to diversify your risk, how to understand what kind of liquidity pool you're getting into. Because there's way too many options and I don't want to say it's not transparent but you need to have some market knowledge in order to choose the right ones.”
Carlos Alvarez
"If someone really wants to learn how to do passive income and grow their investments and have control over that, I don’t see any better program out there by far."
Gregg Pechmann
“It's very well done, if you follow the steps and you can go back and revisit, you can make a mentor call with yourself which is outstanding. It's set up really really well the whole system so I highly highly recommend it for anybody that wants to go in into this space.”
Ally Zacher
“I have success every time I get a one-on-one with you mentors. Everybody’s been helpful. Dziugas, Tyler, Rob and you and Sam of course. As I do more of the exercises I get more comfortable with it and I notice I’m hitting keys a lot faster and seeing things that I should be seeing and navigating through the space a lot faster than I did a few months ago. I hit a roadblock, you guys help solve it and I couldn’t be any happier with that.”
Gerald Fowler
“That’s one of the highlights of this program in terms of the mentorship that you get. All the mentors that I have interacted with have been very patient, very knowledgable and they go overboard actually in helping you to not only learn the space but also to work with you in terms of positions, entering, adjusting and whatever else that needs to be done until you are able to do it on your own.”
Ron Franklin
“When three of you guys joined on the call to help me out of what I was really fearful about, losing most or all of my account when my centralized exchange was closing business to US citizens. That has been my biggest success of salvaging my portfolio and learning how to deploy it properly.”
Michael Taylor
"I really look forward to those sessions for the gems uncovered. I get a lot of value out of that. And the potential of some of these projects is just amazing. It’s enormous! The same project it could be $4 or more, and I got it at a penny, are you kidding me? If not for this kind of session, I don’t know if I would even know about these opportunities and I don’t know if I would be able to find these kind of opportunities. So these sessions speed up the process of me getting to where I want to go and I’m very very grateful for that.”
Ron Williams

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Excellent 4.8 out of 5
Tom Koz
Feb 10, 2024

A Great Group of People

I have a digital marketing agency for over 15 years. I mention that because for continuing education I have taken and paid big money for 100"s of courses over the years.

I can honestly day that this is the best group of people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

From the onboarding process where I had the pleasure of meeting Travis. He was professional, honest, and just a real good guy. No BS sales pressure, just educated me so I could make a rational decision.

What can I say about Rob my instructor/teacher. Besides being one of the smartest guys I've ever met, he is a great teacher and great guy.

From day 1 he showed patience, understanding, and knowledge of DeFi is rivaled by none in my book. He understood that I was in over my head. (at first) He never showed any signs of frustration or impatience even though it was obvious I was clueless in the early days.

His step by step process allowed me to move at my own pace, yet really allowed me to feel that I was getting things done in my Difi journey. I owe a lot to Rob, and I can't thank him enough.

Course after course in my lifetime I've heard the old, "we'll be there for you" line. Well these guys talk it, but most importantly walk it.

I can't say enough positve things about this whole group. They've had an impact on my life, and I'm sure on many others. Simply the best.

Date of experience:
January 01, 2024
Jorge Gutierrez II
Aug 18, 2023

Decentralized Masters Opened My Eyes...

Decentralized Masters opened my eyes on how I can protect my assets and leverage DeFi to allow me to earn passive income. Ultimately preparing me for the upcoming financial shift in our monetary system. The Mentors are great and always available to support me on any questions. I jumped in and learned about leveraging DeFi space and started earning income three days into the program. If you are highly motivated and ready to take action, I highly encourage you to contact them. I highly recommend them!

Date of experience:
August 17, 2023
Larry Thaxton
Sep 29, 2023

Old but not afraid!

I am Older 73 and was a little intimidated to try this program but was so impressed with the concept of having my money in a safe place where Banks or Governments can’t just take it away. I decided to dive in and give it a try! I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is especially with all the training and mentoring you get along the way. I will be making exponentially more than through any other way! Excited to move forward day after day.

Date of experience:
September 29, 2023
Richard Koury
Oct 7, 2023

I have been working with Rob and Tyler…

I have been working with Rob and Tyler and they have been phenomenal. They have held my hand along the way. They’ve been very patient. They’re extremely knowledgeable and it has been a real pleasure to work with them. I highly recommend this program. And I have found it to be well worth the money!

Date of experience:
October 06, 2023
Josh Whitesell
Aug 9, 2023

Great program

Can fully recommend the decentralized masters program. As someone coming from a limited crypto background they have been there to assist and make the process of DeFi seamless. If you believe this is where finance is headed and want guidance understanding this world, this is a great program for you.

Date of experience:
August 09, 2023
Feb 8, 2024

Helpful guidance

I had several one-on-one session with Preston Eckhardt and he was extremely patient and helpful in guiding me through my issues. He is a good listener and provides helpful guidance. I am grateful for Preston helping me through the DEFI journey. Thank You Preston.

Date of experience:
February 7, 2024
Feb 7, 2024

Decentralized Masters is truly a gift!

Decentralized Masters is the real deal. They just don’t throw you in the deep end to figure it out. They have an outstanding system that walks you through the process step by step. They have live and recorded sessions and tons of resources to review and learn from. You are also assigned a mentor that will jump on calls with you to help and guide you through any issues you might be having. My mentor is Rob and he is outstanding!
If you are willing to put the work in and hold yourself accountable, Decentralized Masters will take you where you want to go.
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning crypto!

Date of experience:
January 01, 2024
Feb 6, 2024

Great group of people

Tyler and actually all the mentors at decentralized masters are great to work with.
They are truly professionals and have so much patience with us newbie’s in the space. I’m older with limited computer skills and they nurse me right along! I have a lot to learn but have advanced so far compared to going it on my own previously. I definitely recommend them if you are looking to dive into this exciting space.

Date of experience:
 February 05, 2024
Feb 6, 2024

The future of finance is here, don't miss out!

I joined this program back in November, owning a large catering company, keeps my schedule very full. I have not been able to take advantage of all the online support meetings and am progressing at my own pace. I have been in the crypto space since 2017 but what I have learned so far feels like I crammed 5 years of learning into 4 months, thanks to the help from Rami, his 1on1 support has been invaluable. More than anything I am proud to be part of a community of like minded people committed to creating opportunities for everyone, and the technology to make that happen. Together we can change the world for the better!

Date of experience:
 February 05, 2024
Feb 6, 2024

Excellent support

I just recently joined the program. I had a great one on one session with Preston Eckhardt and he was extremely patient in guiding me through the steps to setup the ledger. He listened intently to my questions and helped me navigate through the whole long process. I can't say enough kind words to express my gratitude to Preston for helping me setup the ledger. Thank You So Much Preston. Your help was greatly appreciated!!

Date of experience:
 February 05, 2024
Gary Young
Feb 7, 2024

Rami has helped me immensely in…

Rami has helped me immensely in learning of the Crypto world. I am in my 60’s and my retention of new material is not what it used to be but his patience and understanding of my issues is inspiring and invaluable

Date of experience:
February 06, 2024
 R. Bedell
Feb 6, 2024

Video Conference 1 on 1 with P. Eckhardt

This was a video conference with Preston Eckhardt regarding "Q & A" from where I am presently with Defi Masters and best avenues of opportunities for my future goals. Preston was punctual, professional and knowledgeable - thus being able to field any/all questions I had. I do appreciate all communications thus far with Decentralized Finance, especially today's meeting.
Thank you,

Date of experience:
February 07, 2024
Samuel Diphilippo
Feb 1, 2024

The team at the Decentralized Masters…

The team at the Decentralized Masters has been great to work with especially being new to the world of liquidity pool investing. I’ve worked with Tyler Hubbard and he has been exceptionally patient and helpful explaining and reviewing the process to be a successful traitor in the crypto space. I personally have earned my initial investment in the program back, and then some in 2 short months. I see this is the way of investing from this point on given you have the ability to be as conservative, or as aggressive as you want with potentially huge returns. The program itself is easy to follow with sessions recorded so you can review as needed. This is certainly the most efficient and effective way I know to successfully get into the DeFi world. Looking forward to working with the team into the future. Thank you for all your great work, and keep it up!

Date of experience:
February 02, 2024
Jeff Stitely
Feb 1, 2024

Sam Fisherman with Decentralized Masters is Awesome!

Sam Fisherman with Decentralized Masters is a masterful educator and investor. He was so helpful with explaining to a rookie investor in this space all the intricacies of getting started to make money work for you and how to move funds around. Great mentor and educator. Can't recommend him and DeFi Masters enough!

Date of experience:
January 28, 2024
Bill diPretoro
Jan 11, 2024

First let me start with Rami

First let me start with Rami! Outstanding knowledge and super patient. I'm 73 without much computer experience. There doesn't seem to be anything in the DEFI world that he doesn't know or can't figure out. He has been GREAT! Sam and Tyler are also very knowledgeable, kind and helpful. I've been accumulating crypto for 7 years and now I'm learning how to make it even more valuable and productive! Not an insignificant amount to get started but the upside is huge by comparison!

Date of experience:
January 09, 2024
Bruce Ranney
Dec 15, 2023

Learning DeFi from the best!

I can't say enough good things about Decentralized Masters. I am in my early 50's, long time entrepreneur and had a desire to learn what i've been missing in the crypto world. This is the place! My mentor Rami, along with Sam have been so supportive. The program took me from little to no knowledge of how to safely invest in crypto, to now I'm at a point that I feel comfortable my assets are secure and I have a plan for amazing potential growth going forward. This has happened in less than two months part time while still running my primary business. The community and supporting Zoom sessions with Rob and Tyler have been so helpful. I learn new things every day. Its amazing to be back in control of my investments!

Date of experience:
December 13, 2023
Julio Canales
Dec 14, 2023

Defi Masters Program is Legit!!

I have been in this Mastermind now for 1 month and it's been eye opening. Rami and Rob have been fantastic. This is definitley for the person who is committed to learning about the Defi world and is looking to get into this transormative technology. A LOT of information to absorb but Rami and Rob and Sam the Defi Doctor are doing a great job of breaking it down and using foundational learning blocks to build up our knowledge and confidence. I am starting to see the gains!!

Date of experience:
December 13, 2023
Nov 29, 2023

Very professional & true to their word

I am very grateful for the professional approach the entire Decentralized Master’s Team has provided throughout my Defi journey! Melissa was exceptionally wonderful, welcoming me into the group! Rob has been amazingly fantastic in helping to guide me through the process of organizing my crypto assets, as well as, providing his incredible knowledge in the Defi world. I am extremely appreciative of the entire DM team & how they come along side you to provide the support you need to be successful!

Date of experience:
November 28, 2023
 Elaine Knape
Nov 11, 2023

Crypto neophyte

I came to Decentralized Masters in May 2023 without any previous knowledge of the crypto world. The instructors and mentors are friendly and helpful. Thanks to Sam, Malcolm, Tyler, Dzuigas and Rami for sharing your knowledge with us! Thanks to Yana and Rafaela for coordinating all the moving parts! They teach us solid principles to invest instead of chasing the newest shiny object. Well worth the investment of time and money to me to learn something new!

Date of experience:
November 10, 2023
Oct 27, 2023

Highly recommended

I have been in the program for a few months now and I’m blown away by the DeFi masters that I had the chance to learn from. They are extremely knowledgeable, always ready to answers all your questions … and they are just nice people.

Date of experience:
 October 25, 2023
Dave G
Oct 25, 2023

Novice to DefiMaster

Sam, Malcolm, Tyler, Dziugas, etc... are the best!!! True professionals and I went from being a complete novice to a DefiMater thanks to them!!! Thank you Bryan for getting me into this program!!! Decentralized Masters ROCKS and I would highly recommend their program to all:-)👍🏼👊🏼

Date of experience:
October 24, 2023
 Ron Franklin
Oct 19, 2023

Great support

I have found them to be honest and very supportive. The experience I have had has been positive in that the mentor will meet you at your point of need to help in your success. I have found this to be especially true with my mentor, Malcolm Frank.

Date of experience:
October 16, 2023
Jeffrey Grubert
Sep 19, 2023

Not Rocket Science; But Massive Action is helpful

From the beginning I was told if I wanted to become a DeFi Master that I would have to take massive action. So I've set out with this intention in mind. The reason I'm giving this a 5 star experience is because I am putting in a 5 star effort. I was told the truth; this takes commitment to learning something new and it requires patience and persistence. This is not a get rich quick scheme. So I have been using the resources every day. The learning platform is full of all kinds of resources that I can go to over and over again to continue to practice in the world of Defi. There is no doubt I am entering this domain at the right time as the opportunities and prices are at all time lows. The mentorship opportunity is what makes this platform so attractive and the mentors I've met so far are experienced and patient. I continue to book my appointment for one and one help as well as participating in as many zoom meetings as possible. The Defi Masters program is not rocket science but it does require me to learn all the steps needed to get great returns on my investments. Like all great opportunities: I get out of this what I decide to put into it.

Date of experience:
 September 18, 2023
Apr 27, 2023

Do it!!!

I have been with the program a little less than a month, and have already learned more in this time than I have in the past 2 1/2 years since I started with cryptocurrency. I just couldn’t get it on my own! Sam is incredibly helpful and has a unique way of teaching, he’s the real deal. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to truly move foreword with their portfolio.

Date of experience:
April 26, 2023
Rusty Harris
Apr 28, 2023

Hey Hey

Hey Hey, want to generate extra income? Check these guys out! Defi Masters, the name says it all "MASTERS". The staff is professional, and the teaching is second to none in Decentralized Finance. So many ways to boost your freedom and increase your income. I have enjoyed working with this organization and excited to continue the course.

Date of experience:
April 27, 2023
Kyle Harless
Aug 2, 2023

This team is passionate about community…

This team is passionate about community involvement around the mission they’ve built. They care about educating their members and readily available for any assistance. If you’re serious about DeFi investing I strongly recommend joining.

Date of experience:
August 01, 2023
B Strath
Jun 1, 2023

Breaking down a complex new market into…

Breaking down a complex new market into bit sized chunks that allow newbies to grasp the concepts and approaches cryptocurrency markets offer. How to spot and track new developments, where to find tools that help you make better decisions and to help you see what you interest and investment style is so you're not blindly stumbling forward.

Date of experience:
May 31, 2023
Joe Marchio
Apr 27, 2023

I have been with Decentralized Masters…Hope to Be a DeFi Master soon

I have been with Decentralized Masters for two Months. I started like I was learning a foreign language. I was a complete novice and was afraid that the teachings were going to be way above my head. Sam is the instructor that I have had, he is bright meticulous and yet keeps in mind who his students are. I am by far one of the most challenging student, not only because of my lack of knowledge but the area that I live in which is inhibitive of crypto practices. Sam has been here every step of the way. The Group itself to include Troy Horton wants you succeed. Best Money I have spent for a learning experience. Thanks Sam for a great experience.

Date of experience:
April 27, 2023
Brian Olivolo
Aug 18, 2023

The exceptional 1on1 communication is…

The exceptional 1on1 communication is paramount to learning Crypto. My experiences with Malcom and Sam have been educational and inspiring. The Crypto world is new to me and I needed to be taken by the hang and taught one step at a time. I'm enjoying the process expanding my knowledge and manifesting a solid Crypto future.

Date of experience:
August 18, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maximize my returns when investing in Decentralized Finance?

Decentralized Finance presents exciting opportunities to enhance your investment returns. While specific returns cannot be guaranteed or promised, our education platform is designed to help you make the most of your investments in this dynamic market. With our comprehensive training and expert guidance, we provide the tools and resources to navigate Decentralized Finance effectively, empowering you to optimize your potential for attractive returns.

Note: Investment returns are subject to various factors, including market conditions, risk profiles, investment strategies, and individual expertise. It is important to carefully consider your financial goals and consult with professionals to create a personalized investment approach.

How does investing in Decentralized Finance work and why is it the best solution?

Investing in Decentralized Finance empowers you to embrace a modern financial landscape that offers numerous advantages. If you ever bought a stock or even crypto before, you can easily do this.

By participating in Decentralized Finance, you can replace traditional intermediaries and enjoy increased control over your investments. Through lending your funds to borrowers and traders within the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, you can earn attractive yields on your investments.

Our education platform goes beyond just providing access to Decentralized Finance. We understand the complexities involved and have developed a user-friendly app and comprehensive resources tailored specifically for individuals like you. Our commitment to simplicity and education ensures that you can confidently navigate this innovative market.

Where does the money in Decentralized Finance come from, and how do we stand out as the best solution?

The money in Decentralized Finance originates from individuals making strategic investments in cryptocurrencies and leveraging their own capital or borrowed funds to maximize their opportunities. These borrowers are eager to pay fees in exchange for loans, providing you with an avenue to earn attractive yields.

What sets us apart as the best solution is our unwavering dedication to your success. We have assembled a private research team that meticulously audits and vets each Decentralized Finance platform available. Our extensive due diligence process ensures that you have all the tools available to find and use the most secure and trustworthy platforms. By joining us, you can mitigate risks and experience peace of mind.

Are there any risks associated with investing in Decentralized Finance, and how do we address them?

Investing in any financial market involves inherent risks, and Decentralized Finance is no exception. Our experts' rigorous selection process and thorough due diligence ensure that you have access to the most credible information about Decentralized Finance platforms.

We understand that trust is crucial when investing, and our track record speaks for itself. Our community of like-minded individuals, coupled with our comprehensive training resources, empowers you to overcome any initial confusion and take full advantage of the opportunities within Decentralized Finance. With our guidance and expertise, you can navigate the Decentralized Finance landscape confidently and maximize your potential for long-term financial growth.

Note: It is always recommended to consult with financial advisors or professionals who specialize in Decentralized Finance to tailor your investment strategy to your unique circumstances and goals.

Is this all real? Crypto seems so volatile and risky.

If you are considering crypto, it indicates that your current strategies may not be yielding optimal results. Moreover, it is worth noting that the volatility of Bitcoin has been lower than that of stocks like Facebook and Tesla over the past two years. Bitcoin has shown strong performance, with a growth of +80% in Q1 2023, while DeFi tokens have performed even better. It is essential to consider the influence of mainstream media on your perception of crypto.

I’ve been scammed before, and crypto is the wild west. How to avoid scams?

To mitigate the risk of scams, it is crucial to have access to filtered information from knowledgeable individuals who can assess opportunities. Additionally, implementing security best practices is essential. Imagine how much you could reduce the likelihood of falling victim to scams by having industry experts give you the best information to improve your decision-making process.

What if the government bans it?

While concerns about government bans exist, the situation resembles the prisoner's dilemma. Global cooperation would be necessary for a ban to be feasible, which seems unlikely given the current state of affairs. Major cities like Dubai, London, and Paris actively embrace crypto companies, making it challenging to enforce a ban, as it would require shutting down every laptop and internet connection worldwide. Although regulatory bodies may resist, history has shown that technology prevails, as it spreads rapidly. The loss of top talent would be detrimental to any country, making government officials aware of the need to adapt rather than hinder progress.

If crypto was the future, why would FTX fall like this?

Allow me to share a story before addressing this question. Following FTX's decline, Ledger, the leading manufacturer of crypto cold wallets, experienced its highest-ever sales day. Various DeFi platforms witnessed record-breaking volumes, user counts, and price surges. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the fact that the majority of crypto buyers lack understanding regarding the true application of the technology, namely DeFi. FTX operated similarly to traditional financial institutions, selling crypto without leveraging blockchain technology to enhance their services. Its centralized nature led to its downfall. This highlights the importance of decentralization in the crypto space.

Who are the mentors? What’s their background?

Our team of mentors comprises highly accomplished individuals who have attained remarkable success in their respective fields. For instance, Tan, our founder, achieved the prestigious CFA Level 3 certification at the remarkable age of 23, a feat unparalleled in the industry. We have also assembled an exceptional group of experts who adhere to the highest standards. Sam, known as the DeFi Doctor, holds a certification as a blockchain analyst and serves as our head of education, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to your success. Another mentor, Dziugas, referred to as the Professor, previously taught DeFi to computer science students at Colorado State University and founded a DeFi startup with over 40 employees. Additionally, Malcolm, an esteemed mentor, brings extensive experience as a top-notch Blockchain Developer. Our Mastermind boasts a roster of unparalleled talent in the industry.

How do I know your members have actual results, which are all legit?

Our legitimacy is firmly established through the accomplishments of our founders, Tan, who obtained the CFA Level 3 certification at a remarkably young age and Salim, serial web3 entrepreneur and mathematical engineer. These achievements have attracted numerous individuals to join our organization. It is also why Tan contributes to Nasdaq and why we have been able to assemble such an exceptional team of talent. As a result, we have garnered numerous success stories and received numerous five-star reviews on Trustpilot, serving as a testament to our legitimacy and the tangible results we deliver.

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