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Learn how to leverage the new world of Decentralized Finance to multiply your capital.

What is Decentralized Finance?

In the archaic world of Traditional Finance (aka TradFi) banks and institutions are required to provide liquidity to the market. In the new world of Decentralized Finance, normal people like you, are the bank. This paradigm shift opens up an insane opportunity to create intergenerational wealth... if you're early.

You see, retail investors and big hedge funds are chasing gains of 10% a year with high amounts of risk…

While smart people taking advantage of Decentralized Finance are enjoying 50-400% returns passively.

Without having to “time the market”, do any type of complex technical analysis, or even sell their crypto...

By simply copy and pasting some specific Decentralized Finance investment strategies.

"The biggest thing

“Decentralized Finance is here to stay

“Decentralized Finance is taking on Wall Street

“Decentralized Finance is poised to explode 10-fold

Mark Cuban

"It's like the early internet days all over again. I think it's going to be huge.. this is the holy grail"

"The biggest thing since Bitcoin

“(Decentralized Finance) is taking on Wall Street

“(Decentralized Finance) is poised to explode 10-fold

"(Decentralized Finance) is here to stay

"The biggest thing since Bitcoin

"It's like the early internet days all over again. I think it's going to be huge.. this is the holy grail"

Mark Cuban

"The biggest thing since Bitcoin

“DeFi is poised to explode 10-fold

"The biggest thing since Bitcoin

"It's like the early internet days all over again. I think it's going to be huge.. this is the holy grail"

Mark Cuban

"Defi is here to stay

Meet Tan, your Decentralized Finance Mentor

A prodigy in finance from his early days

Tan worked his ass off and managed to secure his CFA Level III at age 23 - the most prominent investment certification. After a brilliant start to his investment banking career, he decided to quit and dedicate his life to this once in a lifetime opportunity.

It took him years to develop a proven investment framework for Decentralized Finance. This  blueprint leverages portfolio management principles acquired from his degree and experience in the traditional finance world.

This unique approach is applied by Decentralized Masters members, allowing them to multiply their capital over and over consistently.

Tan @ Decentralized Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of returns can you expect by investing in Decentralized Finance?

Let’s do a quick calculation here.

Let’s say you invest $100,000 in the stock market and get a very generous return of 8% a year for 5 years straight. You’d end up with a bit under $147k..

With the current inflation rate, after 5 years you’d be able to buy less with the 147k by then, than you’d buy with the $100k today… So if you were to put it in the stock market, you might as well just blow the 100k now and call it a day. That will be a more productive use of your money.

Now, if you were to invest this same $100k into a very conservative Decentralized Finance investment that would pay you 45% a year, let’s say. You’d end up with $640k after 5 years…That’s a 540% yield in your initial investment, while having not nearly as much risk as in the stock market - AND in one of the worst performance Decentralized Finance pools you can find.

On average, you can expect between 50 to 500%+ annually on your investment, depending on your risk profile, strategy, and edge.

How does investing in Decentralized Finance work?

When participating in Decentralized Finance market, you replace the bank and provide liquidity to borrowers and traders, in exchange for a yield.
As this industry is nascent, and code has replaced the ancient system, there is a technical barrier to overcome and participate freely.
That technical aspect is made super simple thanks to the Decentralized Accelerator. We make it so simple to understand that you end up clicking a few buttons on the right platforms to earn huge payouts.

By being part of a community of like-minded people and with the appropriate training, you overcome that confusion that prevents people from acting on it, and take advantage of the opportunity fully.

Where is the money from Decentralized Finance actually coming from?

People are making wild bets on crypto, they’re literally pouring millions in the market. Not only with their own money but also borrowed money to bet even more, and increase their profits.

Against these loans, they are ready to give up huuuge fees. And that’s when we show up. When you're staking money into Decentralized Investments, you’re lending it to those people in exchange for a yield.

These people put up collateral. That's how you're 100% covered, and get your money back every single time. Not only that, your wallet collects profits daily, on autopilot.

Is there a risk with investing in Decentralized Finance?

There is one main risk involved: implied trust. That is, there is a level of trust you put in each Decentralized Finance platform available out there, based on their technology and the team behind them…

But there are no real indicators that tell you how trustworthy a platform is. This means that one of the most important aspects when it comes to investing in Decentralized Finance is auditing the platforms.

Knowing exactly which ones to trust and which ones to avoid. If you want to make sure your money is safe, this will save you a lot of headache. In our Decentralized journey we’ve never had a single problem with the platforms we invest in. No hack, no rug pull whatsoever.


Because our private research team vets every single one of them and compiles a list of all the most secure and trustworthy Decentralized Finance platforms.

Out of the several thousands available out there, there is only a certain amount that you can trust with your money.

By knowing every single one of those, you cancel one of the only real risk you have when investing in Decentralized Finance.